Sunday, June 4, 2017

10 W Led lamp for my electronics desk

10 W Led lamp for my electronics desk

A while back i've built for myself an electronics desk where i can do all sorts of projects / store my tools and electronic parts... but something was missing: a good light source. So the topic of today's post it's a lamp for my desk. 
The parts used for this project:
- an broken lamp ( without socket for the light bulb, cable cut, etc. )
- the case from an old security camera (because the body is made from aluminium)
- a small piece of aluminium (3 mm thick)
- 10 W led , power resistor (instead of power resistor you can use an 10 W led driver), on/off switch , cable, power source etc.
The main part of this build was about installing the 10 W led in the security camera case so first i need to make a piece that will hold the led inside. The basic shape of this piece is an circle and for this i have cut from a 3 mm aluminium sheet the part, using my sanding belt i made the final adjustment and the support for the led fits inside the camera case.
Marking and drilling 4 holes on the led support was the next step: 2 holes for mounting the led and 2 for the wires needed. At this point i can install the 10 W led inside the security camera case but i need to remove the old power wire and feed a new one through the body of the lamp so i can power up the led so that was the next step that i have done.
For the final part of this project i have moved inside the house so i can install the lamp on my desk (the base of the lamp it's screwed on my desk) and make the wire connections using my soldering station.
To mount the 10 W led on the support i have used 2 screws and thermal paste (to have a better heat transfer) and basically the case of the security camera will act as a big radiator. 
In the video below you can see the process of this build:

Thanks for watching / reading.

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