Monday, May 29, 2017

Welding a small axe

Welding a small axe 

An colleague from work and a good friend of mine asked me if i can help him with a small repair job. I have asked how can i help an his reply was with one weld bead on a small axe that has one crack. I told him to bring it and i would see what i can do. After a few days he brought the axe to work and i took it home - where i have my tools.

I put the axe in the vise that i've made in a previous project and using an thicker disk on my angle grinder i've grind the crack and prepare it for welding. With this step i accomplished two major aspects: cleaned the crack of rust and input some heat in the axe poll.

For this weld i have used an E6013 electrode, it's an general purpose electrode - easy to weld with that has good characteristics.
The actual welding time was less than a minute, but the time consuming part of this project was the preparation. After i've welded the axe i clean it with a flap disk on my angle grinder and 60 grit sand paper. During this process i have noticed that the axe have been repaired in the past.
The final step in making this axe usable again it will be handled by my colleague - fitting an handle. 
Below you can watch the process of this repair:

Thanks for watching / reading.


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    1. I'm not working as an welder. It's a hobby / passion that i want to improve :)