Monday, May 8, 2017

Dremel 4000 rotor replacement

Dremel 4000 rotor replacement

I have bought my dremel 4000 several years ago and it serve me well and i can say that it's very good tool. But it started to make some noise... one of the bearings from the rotor. I've called the dremel service from my country to ask how much it cost to replace the bearing but i've found out that i have to replace the rotor because the bearing is not replaceable.

So.. i have placed an order for a new rotor and a new set of brushes. After a week or so i have received the package.
After removing the chuck and the collar i have removed the T15 torx screws and with the small wrench i have pry open the case of my dremel.
At this point i could see the brushes and i've decided not to change them now because the ones from the tool they still have some life in them.
The replacement of the rotor it's easy if you are paying attention when you are tacking apart the tool.
With the rotor removed i could inspect the condition of the bearings... and the one closer to the chuck was the cause of the noise (i could feel that it was not working properly just spinning the bearing by hand ).
After installation and assembly i could test how my dremel works now and everything is ok.

In the video below you can see the replacement process

Thanks for reading / watching.

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