American poker arcade around the corner...(tear down)

American poker arcade around the corner... (tear down)

Because the weather was good i wanted to take my bike for a spin but after 5-10 minutes of pedaling i saw something around the corner: an arcade cabinet. I turned as fast as i could back home and took a cart to be able to take the arcade. I can say that i was pretty lucky because i've arrived at the arcade before the dumpster truck and i was able to load it on my cart.

The arcade cabinet has seen better days , but i wanted to see if the electronics it's still inside... After opening the access door i had a big disappointment because the electronic part was removed and the wires cut off. At this point i've decided to tear it down and recover as many materials / parts as i can from it.
The construction of the cabinet was a mix between dowels and screws but it was interesting to see the layout of the parts inside. After tearing down the cabinet i recovered several pieces of PAL (particle boards), two pieces of 6 mm glass, several push buttons, piano hinges and hardware that i can use for future projects.
One of the glass was hiding what game was on this arcade under a dark film (the logo could be seen if the light will pass through the glass, or in this case after removing the film that was covering the graphic design) american poker was the game that this arcade had on it .

Because i liked the shape of the buttons i've used one of them to replace the one from our door bell. I know that this button is not water proof but i don't think that water can affect it due to installation position and the fact that the actual button it's inside a "water proof case" that i've made to house the button from a bottle of chewing gum and only the case of the button it's exposed.
Most probably you, my dear reader, are going to see some of the parts that i've recovered from this arcade in future projects, but until then: thanks for reading.