Recover glass from broken window

Recover glass from broken window

A few days ago i have found one broken window on the side of the road and i took it because there were two pieces of glass large enough that i can use for future projects.
In my area there are several types of windows available the one that i've found it's called "termopan" basically there are two pieces of glass glued to a aluminium frame and this assembly it's installed in a pvc frame.

The first step was to cover my workbench with a blanket so the window wont stay on a rigid surface while i'll try to recover the glass. Next i've cleaned the edges of the window with a brush and arrange the window on the workbench so i can start removing the glass pieces. 
With a cutter i've started to cut the adhesive and slowly work my way around the frame until i've cut all the adhesive, at some point i've used a small screwdriver to pry a bit the glass so the blade of the cutter wont get stuck between the glass and the aluminium frame.

After i've removed the big pieces of glass from the aluminium frame i've used a glass cutter tool to cut them in rectangular pieces.
The pieces that i've recovered from that broken window i can use them for repair jobs, picture frames, aquariums etc...
You can see the process here:

Thanks for reading.

PS. If you're not used to work with glass / sharp objects or tools it will be a good advice to have some protection (gloves, glasses etc).