Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spice rack

Spice rack

One of the projects requested by my wife was a spice rack and with this project i've started to use SketchUp (again...i've tried it in the past and it's not realy on my taste..because i'm more used to programs that i've learned in university like autodesk inventor, catia etc). So the first step was to try to design something in SketchUp and afterwards build it...

The design of the rack went very smoothly but the enthusiasm went down after looking through the lumber that i had available. The boards that i've had/used were warped , cupped and i thought that it won't be able to finish this project. 
When you are watching something on YouTube with someone that's flattening a board it's seems to be something really easy to do but there must be a but somewhere and in my case it's represented by one missing tool (or several tools): thickness planer and i had to get pass this obstacle.  
When i've started to build the rack i had to forget the design from sketchup and actually build something so i've the cutted the boards at the dimension that i needed and use a trick to flatten them: and that is to take a piece of flat board and with some double sided tape stick sandpaper to it and use elbow grease to flatten the boards.
When i've made the design in sketchup i've used dados and rabbits for the joinery part but i've modified this aspect as well ... and went with screws instead.
After showing the progress to my wife she wanted something that will keep the jars in place so i've added several dowels (one for each shelf) and the design of the rack looks something like this:
Sorry, this photo is upside down it's after two coats of varnish (with sanding between them).
The last step for this build was to make the labels, the good part for this task was that i had some sticker paper available and just print them out. With sharp scissors i've cutted the labes and stick them on the jars (my wife helped me with this step) ;)) and last but not least install it on the wall (the jars received the proper spice - task done by my wife).
The final project looks something like this:

Tell me what do you thing about the differences between design and execution. 
Also the sketchup file it's available for download HERE!

Thanks for reading :)

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