Makita MLT100 Table saw fence upgrade

Makita MLT100 Table saw fence upgrade

The fence that comes with Makita mlt100 table saw is not so good, it's flimsy and not reliable - the only good part from the original fence is the locking mechanism.
What i don't like about the original fence:
 - it's smaller than the table
 - flimsy
 - the way how it's assembled

So it's time to address all of the downsides of this fence. After searching online for a replacement (available in my country) - the result was zero.... but i've found several posts about upgrading the fence.
The post from lumberjocks upgrading the fence was my source of inspiration but i had to make some changes because here i can't buy small pieces of hard plastic and i had to use something else: so for the sides i've used mdf.
For the body of the fence i've used rectangular pipe (60x40x3 mm) in which i had to drill several holes to mount the locking mechanism and the sides. For the locking mechanism from one side i've drilled an 4.8 mm hole for the screws and from the other side 10mm hole for the flat head screwdriver (i didn't had allen head screws with the proper size).

On the sides of the rectangular pipe i've drilled several mount holes (3mm) for the mdf sides and used self tapping screws.
When i've assembled the locking mechanism with the pipe i had to use longer screws and one washer as a spacer between the rectangular pipe and the mechanism.
Squaring up the fence was a trial on error process but now i'm pleased with the fence and how solid it feels when passing something through the saw.

In the video link below you can see how i've made it.

Thanks for reading / watching.