Electronics Desk

Electronics Desk 

In the last period i've made some upgrades to my table saw (see previous blog posts and youtube videos) and one of the aspects of using the table saw more it's: sawdust! 
Because of this i had to move a lot of my tools from the garage inside the house and i was in need for storage place for them, it's good that i could use an workbench with storage to store my tools (the one that i had in garage) but for the electronics part i needed something were to deposit them / use them: basically an desk with storage.
The electronics desk will be a combination between wood and metal (with accent from paint) so with the stuff that i had i've made the design for the desk: metal frame with wood (plywood ) top (storage).
The steps are pretty simple: measure - cut - assemble / weld (for the metal part) and respect the plan that i have made in my agenda / workbook.
Regarding wood joinery i don't feel confident that i'll be able to make a type of joinery fom wood that will be work / be ok for the project so my choice for assembly the wood part was wood screws - i know that from screws to dowels is not a big step but in the case of the screws i don`t have to wait for the glue to dry and i can continue working.

Let`s start the build:
For the wood part: 
I have cutted the pieces with the following dimensions: 
1 pcs x 125 x 80    cm 
1 pcs x 125 x 20    cm
1 pcs x 125 x 19.6 cm
5 pcs x 17.5 x 20   cm
The wood part consist of a kind of plywood used in my country for pouring concrete called tego, the thickness of this material is 21 mm or 2.1 cm

For the metal part: 
2 pcs x 120 cm
2 pcs x 60   cm
4 pcs x 75   cm
The metal frame is made from square pipe tubing 30x30x2 mm or 3 cm x 3 cm x 0.2 cm

Several edges received a treatment from the chamfer bit installed in my router to ease the sharpness. After this treatment i've used several grits of sandpaper to finish the surfaces. 
After a dry fit it was time for paint for the metal frame i've used primer and paint and for the wood part only paint.

The video is ready: 

And some pictures with my setup right now ( i have to organize the tools from the desk;)) ) and after that i can say that this project is complete.

Thanks for reading.

PS. i was thinking to paint a circuit board schematics on top what do you think ? should i do that ? leave your opinion in the comment section.