Metal Vise - part 1

Metal Vise

One of my favorite places from the internet is youtube because it has the power to connect people all around the globe through a video.
Even though i don't have a lot of videos on youtube (yet) i would like to say a big THANK YOU to Jay Bates (clicking on his name will open a new window/tab) because when he made this project he mentioned something that inspired me: Have fun in your shop! And i had fun making the project and the video :)

I've changed the design that he used for this build: instead making the vise from a single piece of tubing i have used two kind of metals: one rectangular pipe and one piece of angle iron.
The mechanism of the vise is the same in both cases:one fixed part and one that moves using a threaded rod.

In the second part of this project i'll have more informations about the build and an interesting approach about the handle of the vise. 
Stay tuned to see what i plan to do next for this build:)

Thanks for watching / reading.