Black&Decker CD115 - Power cord replacement

Black&Decker CD115 - Power cord replacement

I have this angle grinder for a while now and it's one of the most used tools in my workshop.
When i was preparing for a new project i've noticed that the power cord insulation was damaged and i said to myself that is time for a change (i didn't like the power cord that the angle grinder came with because it was too stiff) and i've decided to change it with an other cable (that's not so stiff) to avoid future problems (short circuit).

I've checked through my workshop for a cable that's suitable for this repair and i've found one cable that's longer than the original one and a bit thicker. two other pluses for this repair job are: the cable it's softer and longer.

To replace the cable first we need to remove the phillips screw from the bottom of the angle grinder and with a easy pull the lower part will came of.

Inside the angle grinder there are four screws that i had to take out (two screws for the bracket that's securing the cable and two that are used for the electrical connection).

After taking out the original power cord i took the grommet and install it on the replacement cable.

For the electrical connection inside the angle grinder i've used two wire connectors because i didn't like the way how the original power cord was connected inside the angle grinder.

At this step the case of the angle grinder can be closed with the phillips screw that i took out at the beginning.
The last step was to wire the electrical plug and test it.

The replacement video it down bellow:

Thanks for reading / watching.