Metal Workbench

The story behind this build is pretty simple... i used to work on an old desk that i had from high school and it was time for a change. 
The three reasons that i wanted a new workbench are:
 - the height 
 - the top was not flat anymore
 - the size of the work area 

 Materials that i've used for this build:

- 4cm x 4cm  x 2mm x 6m rectangular profile (i've used almost two profiles)
- one sheet of 18mm osb (1,25m x 2.5m) - i haven't use it all for this build
- casters (two of them are locking casters)


- height: 85 cm
- width : 100 cm
- length: 150 cm

I've started by cleaning the profiles, because they where covered with snow and ice and wipe them with a rag.
Next step was to cut the profiles but keept in mind the dimensions of the material so the cutting list is the following:
Metal parts:
4 pcs at 72.5 cm for the legs (casters  height is 12.5 cm)
4 pcs at 92 cm
2 pcs at 142 cm
1 pcs at 100x150 cm for the top.

The build video bellow:

Thanks for reading!