Waste oil burner build - water boiler build

In this project i'm welding an waster oil burner that will heat up water for a friend.
My friend brought the parts tacked together and some parts and i'll make the final welds.

Recover heat from wood stove

In this project I’m making a water boiler so I can recover heat that’s going out the chimney.
The parts used for making the water boiler:

-          1 tube 120mm diameter – 500 mm length – 2 mm thickness .
-          1 tube 250mm diameter  – 400 mm length – 2 mm thickness.
-          1 tube 50mm diameter – 170mm length – 4 mm thickness.
-          2 pieces of sheet metal for the lids – 3 mm thickness.
-          3 connectors threaded at one end – 3 mm thickness.
-          1 pipe coupler used for connecting the thermostat.

Nasty cut - the story behind it...

Nasty cut - the story behind it...

A friend of mine asked me if i can help him with a retrofit on his boss car... i said ok let's do this:). In the past i have done a lot of retrofits on headlights so i was pretty confident on myself regarding this task, but this one had something in particular: one of the fenders was the original one and the other one aftermarket (the shape was slightly different - the car it's an audi a4 b5).

 Basically i had to cut a lip from one fender to be able to install the new headlights and do the electrical part for both's sides (the aftermarket headlights had different kind of connectors). I know it's sounds easy to cut a lip from a fender and roll it to accept the new headlight but one moment of negligence it's enough to screw you over...